Wednesday, July 4

Happy (HOT) Fourth of July!

I went to my brother's house for the Fourth of July Parade/Party this morning. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.) It's become quite the event. We showed up at 9:00 and there were several tent tops shading tables. There were some incredibly yummy breakfast casseroles, donuts, fruit and bagels. There was also the biggest bouncy house I've ever seen. It had a basketball hoop and a slide inside. Unbelievable! My brother and sis0in-law's 4th of July party has grown to a 150+ person affair with approximately 80 kids in attendance. Yikes! These people HAVE GOT to stop procreating. I don't know the names of most of the kids except for those belonging the the people closest to me. Now there are Little League families thrown in the mix and, frankly, I can't keep track. I give up.

My nephew was in the parade this year for playing on the Championship Little League team. Folks in the parade traditionally throw candy out to the crowds. My brother recently commented "Why do they always throw candy? Why can't someone throw something useful? Something like... Top Ramon!" Well, you guessed it, Little Man threw Top Ramon out to team admirers. You should have seen the looks on some people's faces. It was priceless.

Oh, and as for the hat debut, it went very well. My brother wore it proudly all morning. He even wore a matching Pabst t-shirt. He was fully committed to the theme. The kids were wearing their hats around as well. My brother was telling everyone I had made the hats and that "she can make more!" Perfect strangers were walking up to me saying "That hat is amazing!" while others teased "I had no idea you had such hidden talents." Of course, most were younger than me and had never laid eyes on the beer can hats from the 70's. I think some of them thought I'd invented the damn things. Great. Now I'm known as the beer can hat lady. Oh well. Here are shots of the hats I crafted for the kids:

Soon enough, it was getting exceedingly hot (and I wasn't even wearing a hat) and Mom's knee was acting up so we left a little after noon. I came home with an incredibly annoying case of sun rash. I've suffered with this problem for ages but somehow I'm always surprised when it strikes. I'm sitting here typing with arms a-flame. The itch is terrible. I stayed in the shade for the parade and there was even a nice breeze but that wasn't enough. It's so depressing. Mom says that from the time I was a toddler she could just set me out on the lawn and watch me turn a beautiful brown. It stayed that way until about high school when we all started understanding sun damage. Around that time I started avoiding the rays but developed an allergy to the sun. Heat is also a problem. I tend to get headaches the beginning of each Summer from the heat. I remember how easy it was as a kid. I would get up in the morning, brush my teeth and hair and be ready for the Summer day. I showered at night and life was easy. As for skin care, I don't recall ever putting on sunscreen except for camping and beach trips. I hate to think I can't tolerate an afternoon in a lawn chair. What's a girl to do? I wonder what the 4th of July parade folks would think if I showed up in a burkha? Hmmm...?

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