Tuesday, October 30


Lots has gone on since my last post but I've been too busy to blog about it.

First of all, I went to Shandon's Halloween party and had a great time. I was sorry that Kb and Heidi missed it, maybe next time. I was happy with my costume (corpse/zombie crawling out of a grave) and knew I must have done something right when my mother took one look at me, in that get up, and started to cry. She said it looked like I'd been terribly beaten. Cool!

I've had more inappropriate conversations at work but what else is new? Today's went something like this:

Lucy: So, how's the interviewing going for the new position?
Herr Boss: We liked him. I consider it a done deal. He's sold his house and he and his partner...
Lucy: (way too excitedly) He's gay?!
Herr Boss: Well, err, yes, um, I think so.
Lucy: Oh goodie! I love the gay boys.
Herr Boss: ...
My Boss: ... (rolling her head back laughing hysterically.)
Lucy: Really! If you ever want to know if a man is gay or not, sit him down next to me at a meal and I'll pull the gay right out of him.
Herr Boss: (Uprouriously laughing)
Lucy: It's a gift... and a curse.
Herr Boss: Well, you know, I errr, really don't think about these things, blah, blah, blah.
Lucy: (Losing interest quickly.) Yeah, whatever.

Later my boss told everyone in our staff meeting about how fun it was to watch me and Herr Boss have that conversation. She then noted it was "An HR person's nightmare!" As Feral Mom would say, tits! (Oh, and if you're reading this, it was great meeting you!)

Perhaps the most recent of tragic events came last night when my good nights sleep was rudely interrupted by a litany of bizarre squeaks. I woke to the weird noise and vaguely remember being annoyed but not terribly concerned. Another fighting animal... whatever. I rolled over to go back to sleep. Then it hit me, I knew exactly what that sound was coming from... then the smell came. Yup, it was a freaked out skunk and it was fighting with another animal right under my bedroom window. I went from barely conscious to leaping out of bed with an audible "OH SHIT!" and slammed the window shut. It was too late, the stench was already overwhelming my bedroom. Goddammit!!!!!!! I turned the fan on and opened my bedroom door so the smell had some place to go. I then noticed my Dad's office light was one. Apparently the noise had woken him up too. I said "Jesus! Can you smell that?" He got up and walked toward me saying "Yes, it woke me up too... JEE-SUS! You got it bad!!!" He then rushed towards his and Mom's bedroom door. I thought 'Oh how sweet, he's going to get me a candle or something.' I then watched him quickly shut his bedroom door to keep the smell out. It made me laugh, he wasn't going to help me, he was saving himself. I told mom about this in the morning. She laughed at Dad's reaction then said "Yeah, it's pretty much every-man-for-himself around here, huh?" Truth!

*Shut up!* It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown in on... gotta run.

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