Thursday, October 11

Welcome Back Old Friend

I'm not known as daydreaming girly girl, but there is a reunion in my future that brings the frilly girl out of me. A former love is back: Victoria Magazine returns to newsstands at the end of the month and I can't wait. Victoria folded several years ago and I was crestfallen. I subscribed for many years and I looked forward to the arrival of my new issue each and every month. I used to spend at least an hour slowly going through it from cover to cover the day it arrived. I would then look through it again and again until the next precious issue arrived. I think I loved Victoria so much because other magazines, with a female demographic, spend a lot of time telling us how terrible we are and look. It can be an evil industry that I'm not interested in supporting. Victoria, on the other hand, did nothing but make me feel good. She never told me I was fat or that my skin was hideously dry or that I wasn't aging well or doing enough to save the planet, instead she gently put her arm around my shoulders every month and said "Let's take a walk. Let me show you what I've found that I think you'll love." All the while pointing out lush gardens and dreamy treasures. It's like deciding between a weekend with a gang of supermodels in a club or a weekend in the Hamptons with Ina Garten. Who would you rather hang with? The boring bitch rag that tells you you're awful or the nice lady that bakes for you and treats you like a special friend?

My idea of heaven looks like an issue of Victoria. Imagine my excitement when a few months ago I learned Victoria would be back! Yes, I subscribed without even seeing the new format. I'm an optimist after all.


She's so dreamy. I sincerely hope the editors have enough sense to stick to her fabulous formula. Yes, she struggled and folded but it was also a tough time for the magazine industry so I don't hold it against her.

In the past, the issues were packed with beautiful homes and the work of incredibly talented artists and designers. Victoria tends to focus on women entrepreneurs who make a living from natural talent doing what they love. It's all about tea and European gardens and enchanted cottages and cakes and flowers and everything I can't get enough of. It's the one magazine I can keep and look back on a year later and enjoy as much as the first time I saw it. I used to have a rather large stack of back issues but I finally had to toss them because space was limited. Since she's been gone there is a swift market on Ebay for Victoria back issues. It's good to know others loved her as much as I did. I'm glad somebody finally figured out there was still a market for her. I've missed my back issues but I'm thrilled that I have the chance to build a new stack to enjoy for years to come. Welcome back Victoria!!!

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