Wednesday, October 17

Professional Road Rage

A co-worker/friend claims she hates New Yorkers because they're so rude and mean. I've never had a bad experience with a New Yorker. I find them to be occasionally gruff but generally very kind and helpful. Certainly more so than most Californians I've encountered.

Today I got a taste of her bad luck. After an appointment we shared a cab back to the hotel before heading back out this evening. It was about 3:00 pm and traffic was thick. We were chatting in the back seat when a town car cut off our cab. The town car then stopped in front of us and waved a rude gesture at our cabbie. I sort of dismissively waved at the other driver to move forward while our cabbie shouted at him. Our cabbie then tore around to the side of the guilty town car, slowed down to yell at the driver in closer proximity and swerved while my friend answered her phone and told her boss she couldn't talk. We sort of clung to the cab doors and held on for dear life as the cabbie jerked into the other driver's lane. I urged him to calm down and to please not kill us. My friend and I then got the giggles and couldn't stop laughing at the whole stupid turn of events.

We eventually got to our hotel. While heading up to our rooms my friend said"See! I told you! These people are crazy!!" She went on the tell me about the time she and another co-worker were in a town car going to the air port. Some how, their driver got in a fight with a drunk guy on the sidewalk. The drunk ended up punching a hole through the car door, the driver pulled over and started fighting with the drunk. My friend and her co-worker had to get out of the cab and had to assertively get their luggage out of the cab and figure out another way to the airport. Unbelievable. The woman has some serious bad driver karma following her around.

Tonight we're going to dinner and a show. Wish us luck!

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