Saturday, October 20

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!

Heidi and I saw Elizabeth: The Golden Age this afternoon. Most who know me, know that I love British history. Henry VIII and Elizabeth I are a couple of my favorite rulers. I don't think they were necessarily kind folks but they are certainly fascinating folks. I love a crazy family and those British royals have crazy in spades. I have been looking forward to seeing Elizabeth since I first heard about out. Once I learned that Clive Owen was featured I was even more excited to see it.

Now, let's be clear, this is an over the top portrayal of Elizabeth's life during the attempted invasion of England by the Spanish Armada. We're talking Catholics gone wild. It's an incredibly interesting time in history but, not surprisingly, I'm not sure how much the film makers worried about historical accuracy. It's a great spectacle despite the off dialog. For instance, I don't believe Elizabeth was as vulnerable and boy crazy as she is often portrayed. I believe someone in her position probably didn't feel any man was worthy of her. More importantly, she was smart enough to know that by not marrying she could maintain power as she certainly did. Like her or not, she was no fool.

As for the film, I must say the costumes are some of the best I've ever seen, they were pure eye candy. I have no idea how realistic they are but they are marvelous to look at. The set design is equally magnificent. The film smells of money. Best of all Clive is unbelievably beautiful to behold He ranks up there with George Clooney as far as I'm concerned. If he ever played Mr. Darcy I might just die of a heart attack. *sigh*

My only real complaint with the movie was discussed as follows:

Lucy: I know the Spanish could be pretty nasty back then but I can't believe they were all so ugly. I mean really! There wasn't a cute Spaniard in the whole movie. It's a well documented fact that Spanish men are some of the most beautiful in the world. I mean come on... even some of those inquisitors must have been hot.
Heidi: Diva! (That's her nickname for me. I'm still not sure why it was just given to me when we met.)
Lucy: Well...?!
Heidi: Well, I don't think any of the inquisitors could have been hot.
Lucy: I'm not saying they were kind but I bet there were some hotties in the mix. Spanish men couldn't have gotten ugly for a couple of centuries then suddenly recovered.
Heidi: Well, yeah, I suppose.
Lucy: ...
Heidi: ...
Lucy: Also, I don't think Elizabeth wandered out on a cliff in her nightgown to watch the Spanish Armada go down in the English Channel at dawn. Not when she had that super cool armor to pull on.
Heidi: Yeah, that was a bit much.

Following the film I had lots of questions:
  • Did Cate Blanchett get to keep any of those costumes?
  • I wonder how accurate Elizabeth I's battle maps were?
  • I know everyone says Elizabeth had a big crush on Robert Dudley but Sir Walter Raleigh? Really?!
  • Did Elizabeth really feel guilty about ordering Mary Queen of Scots' execution? Every film shows her wailing and regretting Mary's beheading but really? Would she have seriously felt bad about offing the cousin who had been claiming England's throne as her own for so many years? I doubt it.
I'm sure others read about Elizabeth and see these films about her and have much more interesting questions but those are mine.

*GASP* Gotta go... Brigadoon is on!!! God, no wonder I'm still single.

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