Tuesday, December 18


A couple of weeks ago I dropped two of my favorite things for framing. I agreed to pay a ridiculous amount of money to have them framed and immediately had buyer's remorse. I knew the nice lady at shop would do a great job, and that helped, but still, we're talking about a pretty penny. I've been such a miser lately, while saving, so this was out of (recent) character for me. In the end I decided it would be a nice gift to myself this Christmas.

Today I picked up my gifts and was practically jumping up and down with joy at how wonderful they came out. The framer lady seemed excited too. We both marveled at our amazing ability to choose the perfect frames for my favorite things.

Here is the first:
I stitched it myself with the intention of giving it away, but now I'm in love and can't part with it. It's tough to see but the frame is slightly distressed and a perfectly yummy shade of brown. I love it!

Here is the English poster I ordered from Barters Bookstore (my frame looks SO much better than theirs!):
It's a reproduction of a poster the Queen had plastered all over England during the war. I can't imagine these words helped much during The Blitz, but they're bound to help me get through morning traffic. Again, the picture doesn't do it justice. You probably can't see the beading at the inside of the frame that perfectly mirrors the dots at the top of the crown, but I can, and I love it so.

I'm so happy with my framing and I'm so glad I bit the bullet and did it. Trouble is, I'm now addicted. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

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shandon said...

They both look beautiful, especially your gorgeous cross stitch! I can hardly wait to do that pattern myself -- thanks for giving it to me.