Thursday, April 13

My boyfriend Tivo

Tivo, oh Tivo, how can you be so cruel?!

I'm in a big fat fight with my Tivo and Tivo is winning. Anyone who owns this evil device understands how completely freeing yet addictive Master Tivo is. I find I read more because I no longer worry about when Lost or Grey's Anatomy starts. I'm spoiled. So far Tivo and I have been so happy together. How could it all go so wrong?

What's a girl to do you do when out of the blue her Tivo decides to stop pulling his weight in the relationship? I diligently clear out his "Now Showing" box and make sure he doesn't have to waste time recording infomercials. I even turn the other cheek when he makes dreadful viewing suggestions. Why is he suddenly refusing to download new programming?!

I may be forced to set him up with my home computer (that tramp!). ME! I'm the daughter of an Engineer who can usually figure stuff like this out...but I DON'T WANT TO! I will now have to spend my vacation day dealing with my disgruntled boyfriend Tivo. He can be so cold and selfish. I committed to a two year relationship and he's wimping out on me. What will I do?!

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Norman said...

Not to press this metaphor too hard, but what did your boyfriend do or not do precisely?