Wednesday, April 12

Yea me!

I just had my mid-year evaluation. I got nice raise so I'm pretty happy (of course the whole thing is going to my 401k but that's beside the point).

I'm lucky enough to currently have a great boss who gives amazingly gentle constructive criticism. It's all so positive that I barely realize she pushing me to grow and be even more bossy. All in all it was a good touch base. It made me realize that I sometimes get so caught up in the minutiae that I forget all about my real job.

Here is my question: How large a role do you think personality plays in career growth? I get along very well with all of my superiors, do you think that helps when they are deciding on raises and strokes or do you think it's strictly based on job performance? I know I do a good job but do you think the ability to make ones boss spit diet coke out of her nose helps? Just wondering... Also, is it bad to occasionally proclaim "BO-RING!" in the middle of a meeting when things drift off topic? I've seriously done that.


shandon said...

Yea you! Congratulations!

When you work for a Big Name Corporation, as you do, I suppose some raises are related to pay grades and crap like that. But being a no-bullshit employee with a great sense of humor (who also happens to work hard) probably ensures that your boss makes sure you get every penny you deserve.

Woo-hoo -- you're that much closer to buying The House!

Norman said...

You tool!

I mean, add my voice to the congrats chorus!