Tuesday, April 18

My new friend Skinny Bitch

So, while driving to work today I got stuck behind an SUV with a license plate holder stating "Just Another Skinny Little Bitch". Now, mercifully, someone had written "not" in the dust on Skinny Bitch's back window. I wondered if the "not" referred to the "Skinny" or "Bitch" portion of the message. Mostly I marveled at the bizarre message being sent out to the world. She's obviously feeling boastful about being a skinny bitch but I don't get it. Why so proud? Is she really that happy about her implied eating disorder and resulting crabby nature? Is it supposed to be somehow endearing? Do you think her parents agree as she drives away? I like to think her Mom bought the plate holder and installed it without telling Skinny Bitch. That thought made me very happy. This is how I improve my morning commute.

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