Thursday, April 27

You know what we want

Last night I had to go to a work dinner. It was with some of my favorite clients so I knew it would be fun but I'd had a huge meal the night before and just wasn't looking forward to another. Even I have my limits! I, of course, ended up having a nice time so on the way home it got me thinking about all the fantastic meals I've had since I got this job. Let's be clear, the best thing about this job is the occasional travel and fantastic food it brings. It's always the first thing anyone worries about when they come to town or when we go somewhere: "Where are we going for dinner?" is the primary concern. (And let's stop for a moment to thank God for that attitude) I'm very fortunate to be able to eat amazing meals I'd never dream of paying for myself. Hooray for expense accounts!

Here are a few of my favorites that I've come to know and love while "on the job":

West Coast-
Appetizer: Tuna Tostada at Katsuya

Main Course: Pretty much anything at Morton's but the Cheese burger was about the best I've ever had.

Side dish: Garlic Noodles at Crustacean (I swear they sprinkle a little crack on these noodles)

Dessert: Butter cake at Mastro's (If I ever make it to Heaven someone will immediately hand me this cake upon arrival. That's how I'll know I'm there.)

Middle America-
Del Frisco's has a lemon cake I'd beat an old lady for.

East Coast-
I'm here to tell you that every single thing I put in my mouth at Philippe was amazing. After a while I stopped asking what everything was and just kept shoveling it in.

I never thought I'd like sushi but once you go Nobu you never go back. I even learned to like Oysters at the Oyster Bar. Now here's the lesson: I have a low "ick" threshold but I've learned that if someone else is paying I'm willing to try about anything and I'm glad I have.

I also highly recommend the famed Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity3 (another crack item I'm sure). A friend and I walked all over Manhattan one day looking for it. When we finally found the place and were asked "What would you ladies like?", my friend looked at the waiter and solemnly said "You know what we want and we're not sharing." Five minutes later he arrived with two GIANT Frozen Hot Chocolates and I haven't been the same since. I found this recipe online but I doubt it's the real deal. Also, they don't claim any illegal substances go into this and that just can't be true. I don't believe anything this delicious can be entirely legal. Did I mention that my friend and I walked all over Manhattan looking for Frozen Hot Chocolate after eating cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery? That's why we walked all over the city that day. I actually managed to lose weight that trip. Who knew this exercise thing really worked?

So there are a few of my faves. My list maybe a bit steak house heavy but so are working meals. Bon Appetite!


shandon said...

Oooh, what a great post. I may have to steal your premise and come up with a list of my own favorites. Thanks!

formerly fun said...

I have been looking for the recipe for the Mastro's buttercake(which is how I made it here) to no avail. It was one of the best desserts I've ever had and if I figure out how to make it I'll let you know(I'm in Huntington Beach). I had the bone in ribeye when I was there and it too was a little bit of heaven.