Sunday, February 18

"No, for I must away."

I saw The Last King of Scotland this evening with Shandon and Norman and I'm glad I did. It's better than I'd expected and I'm sure Mr. Whitaker will win an Oscar for his remarkable performance. I was reluctant to see it because I fully expected to see some nasty stuff and I did. I guess I tend to avoid films that can be, at times, described as "grisly".

In an effort to recover, I plan to finish reading Year of Wonders and watch one period film or another. I watched Mansfield Park this morning and liked it. Rome is on right now. I've heard good things about it but tried the first episode and just couldn't get into it. I did just hear someone say with exasperation "I was at an orgy, mother." A funny line to overhear but not enough to interest me apparently.

I'm notoriously disloyal when it comes to any television series. I can love something for several seasons then just drift off without a care as to how things turn out. About the only television I'm loyal to are BBC period films. That being said, I tried Middlemarch but couldn't get into that one either. It must have been a bad day. I'll probably give it another go. I keep reading such great things about it... I must have missed something. Of course, I only gave it about 45 minutes and that's probably not fair. I did just learn that a new series called Robin Hood begins March 3rd on BBC America. It looks promising.

As for tonight... when in doubt, go back to Pemberley.

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