Monday, February 19

I'll be in touch

I met a couple of friends at The Grove today for a late lunch/early dinner. Stef was in from Minneapolis and wanted to eat and walk around while Tony is always up for a Grove visit. Although I generally like the place, I dislike the crowds. I'm old and curmudgeony and people bug me. I assume Stef wanted to meet there because she doesn't get weather in the 70's these days. It was a hassle to get there due to street closures for the Academy Awards but I must admit it was beautiful "over the hill". It rained quiet a bit during the night and it was cloudy at the house when I left. I thought it might rain but the skies just got more and more clear as I made my way to West Hollywood. I meant to take pictures but forgot my camera. Oh well!

Tomorrow I catch a flight to NYC. It's supposed to be cloudy and cold there but I've booked a pretty busy couple of days so the week should fly by. I don't really mind the cold weather so much, it's the 85 degree thermostat settings in the buildings that make me crazy. You run from one building to another and get your cheeks pretty freezing then duck indoors and have to strip off all of your clothing.

I'd like to post photos while I'm away but I'm not sure if my camera is compatible with my work laptop. I'd bring my home laptop but if anything happened to it I'd have a fit. If something happened to my work laptop I'd be sad to lose info but it wouldn't cost me otherwise. I'll have to suffer the work laptop during the week. I'll try to keep my tiny readership up to date.

The big news is that my company has put us in a new hotel this time around. We used to enjoy The Regency but prices must have gone up, or something, because it's no longer on our list of hotels. It's a drag because they have a great little bar downstairs called The Library where we always used to meet. It was my favorite part of staying at The Regency because it wasn't a pick-up sort of bar. It was mostly business folk and older people so it never felt yucky sit alone to wait for friends. They also have a great breakfast so I liked to have "meetings" there. I heard once that it was where the term "power breakfast" was first applied. The fun bonus was that I could always count on seeing someone interesting there. Everyone from Larry King to Al Sharpton and Hilary Clinton to famous writers I could never quite place. I'll miss The Regency because it was beginning to feel like a home away from home. The service is outstanding and I doubt I'll find that kind of treatment again any time soon. Someone wanted to stay at The W this time but I whined "No! It's too pointy there." She knew exactly what I was talking about. I'll let you know how the new place is.

Oh, and American Experience is airing an episode tonight called New York Underground. It's all about the NY Subway system and how it changed the city. It looks good. You might want to Tivo it for future airings.

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