Tuesday, February 13

Life is hard but Mom is cool

Well, tragedy has struck. Little Man had his wallet stolen. He was carrying a $40 Toys r Us gift certificate and the $60 he won (aka "his ill-gotten gains", according to mom) in the wallet when it disappeared.

He was at a pizza place playing a video game when the crime took place. He set his wallet on the game (he's seven, there is no other explanation) and a moment later it was gone. "Why was he carrying his wallet?" you may ask, again, he's seven. Nobody knew he had his Gamecube money on him. He came back to the table and my brother said he looked stricken. When asked what was wrong, he just said "It was just there. I don't know what happened. I can't find it anywhere!" His mom knew exactly what had happened when he burst into tears. Poor little guy! My brother said he was almost certain who had taken it. Some kid had been looking shifty and hanging around the video game. He said he SO wanted to grab the punk by the collar and shake the wallet out of him but he hadn't actually seen the alleged theft, so he didn't feel he could do much. He thought about approaching the parents, but again, it' hard to point fingers on a hunch. Because, Little Man is forever losing things, my bro figured this would have to be a harsh lesson the kid would just have to learn the hard way. Ouch!

Sunday night, right before dinner, the following prayer was said:

Kids & Family: God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food. Amen.
Mom: ...and we hope you get the kid that stole Little Man's wallet!

I love my mom.

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