Thursday, February 15

Smarty Pants

I had a good day at work, I got lots done and learned a thing or two. We have Quarterly update meetings hosted by the head of our division. Usually there are screens and Powerpoint presentations and graphs and lots of numbers. Today our fearless leader decided to do his presentation semi-unplugged. He sat on a stool in front of a black velvet curtain and just talked to us. It was great! He really seemed to want us to ask questions so he made a few out-there statements and the Q&A portion began. This man is very smart and we were all impressed with the depth of his knowledge of each of our businesses. I don't know how he knows all that stuff but I'm glad he does. Many of my friends were drooling over his smarts. I prefer the head of our company, now he's dreamy. I've often said "I love a man who can grow my 401k"... but I digress.

After the presentation, a friend commented that it's really sad that the head of our division is so obviously more intelligent than our Commander in Chief. Sad but true!

While driving to Shandon's house, this evening, I realized I was whistling We're in the Money. I guess the Quarterly went well.

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