Thursday, February 8

No trouble saying "Back off"

I took a management class at work this week. Three whole days of how-to-be-a-great-manager. It was actually a lot more fun than it sounds and was even enlightening.

First, they gave us a quiz to identify our communication style. There are four types: Analytical, Driver, Amiable and Expressive (all pretty self explanatory). I'm an expressive... big surprise! Some folks were shocked by their types. There was a woman how happened to be the Executive Producer of a local newscast. She was a Driver and was surprised to hear it. The second I heard her title I figured she had to be a driver. How could you do that job and not be a Driver? There were a few people from the local news (we heard about the Anna Nicole Smith news before it broke) and I learned all sorts of stuff about how a newscast comes together. Cool!

There were 16 of us in the class, half were Expressives, others were Analyticals and Drivers. There was one Amiable and she clearly resented the Expressives. Wimp! (I kid!) Fortunately, we had a dynamic group of people. I collected a few cards and will be staying in touch with those folks (Thom would be so proud).

I swear the whole world should take this test so we would all know how to communicate with one another. I can't wait to test my family!

I picked up messages during breaks and was completely annoyed by a Driver who is getting on my last nerve. He's a young MBA straight out of school and is demanding way too much of my time lately. I give approval for product and he calls me a few times a week to argue about my comments. He's somehow under the impression that I enjoy debating what's best for my brand with him. Here is my question: If you needed someones approval at work, would you be constantly antagonizing them? Here's the kicker: some of his co-workers are coming to So Cal and he asked if I would take a day off to be a tour guide. They want to see the sights. Awww, well isn't that cute? Ya know, there really is no nice way to say "Put down the crack pipe, dude." There is not so nice way to call his boss (a woman I've worked with for over five years) and tell her to call the pit-bull off. Did I mention I'm an Expressive?


Anne said...
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Trooperdog said...

That would be an interesting test to take. I'm guessing I would score as "Amiable".