Wednesday, February 21


I had a great time flying solo today. I scheduled six appointments, scheduled them along a "route" and got to focus on my business. We usually travel in packs and never have time to get to everybody's biz. We also tend to run late which makes me crazy. Flying solo is the only way to go. I even had time to stop by the hotel before heading out for dinner... which was freakin' amazing!

We went to a place called Bond 45 and had some incredible vegetable antipasto and a mozzarella bar misto (translation: caramelized veggies and a giant variety platter or mozzarella cheese. What a great idea!!!) We also ordered pasta dishes but were so enthusiastic about the veggies and cheese that we didn't have room for much else. I'm happy to report that I've yet to have a bad meal in New York.

After dinner we headed over to see Spring Awakening. Holy cow, is it a great show. I think it showcased the BEST singing I've ever heard in a show and I've experienced some mighty fine performances. It's a funky show with great music and an exceptional cast. The show is full of unusual voices which I loved. It was so good to see such a unique show. I'm not doing it justice, you just have to find a way to see it when it tours the country. It's been compared to Rent because it has contemporary rock score but I liked it even more than Rent. It's simply one of the best shows I've ever seen. I'm so glad I got to see the original cast. (Sidebar: NO WAY! The cast is on Letterman as I write this. SO COOL!!! They must have had to run down the street to get to the theater for curtain time!)

When I was first invited to see Spring Awakening, I looked it up online and decided it didn't look like anything I'd be dying to see. The second I declined, it was all I heard about. Even Rosie O'Donnell was raving about it on The View. There was no escape! After rethinking the invite my friend and I decided to go. I'm so glad we did! It's provocative but in a humorous and compelling way. I don't think Ms. O'Donnell is doing middle America any favors by recommending it though. I'm sure there are folks going on her recommendation and fainting dead away within 20 minutes of the opening number.

And speaking of Rosie, I saw her tonight. I was walking into the theater and an usher's arm swung down behind my friend preventing me from moving forward. Just as I was about the tell him off, I realized he was trying to make room for Rosie. I was still annoyed and turning towards my friend behind me (about to mouth off) when I noticed Rosie with with some guy I used to work with. I said "Hey, we used to work together!" He nodded and RAN in. Whatever.

Favorite line I heard in Times Square tonight: (Completely exasperated) "It's the Winter Garden not the Olive Garden!!! Jeez!"

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Trooperdog said...

I went to the website and checked it out. It looks great!!! I will definitely have to see it when it comes to Portland.