Tuesday, February 27

Something I didin't want to hear

Friend: Oh my God! You were the first person I thought of when I heard Anna Nicole Smith died!!
Lucy: What? Why me?!
Friend: Because I'll never forget what you said to me once...
Lucy: Oh no. What did I say?
Friend: I once told you I couldn't stop watching Anna Nicole's show and you said "Well, of course not. It's like watching a scheduled car wreck every week." I never forgot that! It still makes me laugh.

Oh dear. I think the most terrifying words I hear, as I get older, are "You said... "

And speaking of a scheduled car wreck, have you heard about this show? Why on earth would some fool agree to humiliate themselves in front of millions? I just heard a teaser and some idiot didn't know what 2 x 5 was. Good Lord! I guess those Who Wants to Be a Millionaire questions were just too hard.


, the first question was a trick question! It was "In what month do we observe Columbus Day?" We DON'T observe Columbus Day anymore! I haven't that day off in years! No fair! Only elementary school kids get that dumb day off. Recount!!!


Trooperdog said...

Yes, I watched "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader last night." What a crack up. It amazes me how much adults have forgotten since they were in school!

Stacie said...

LOL, the "you said" really is a hoot!