Sunday, February 4

Sunday ramblings

I'm lucky to come from a very loving home. We pass each other in the hall and say "I love you". We also say "I love you... be careful." whenever one of us is leaving the house.

This morning, while making chocolate chip cookies for the Superbowl thingy at my brother's house (I used the much coveted See's Semi Sweet Chocolate chips and I've got three word for you: Oh my God) my mom grabbed her keys and headed out the door.

Lucy: See you later. Be careful!
Mom: (Sternly stops and turns towards me) Why, what do you know that I don't know?
Lucy: Very funny.
Mom: Hahahahaha!

Meanwhile, dad is LOVING this beautiful day. Before she left, Mom caught a glimpse of him standing on the porch, in a warm breeze, admiring the yard, and said "Daddy just luuuuuvs summer weather". I laughed and told him he reminded me of our beloved family dog who used to sit on the "cliff" of the yard, eyes closed, enjoying the wind as it blew back his fur. He loved to bask in the sun and daddy had the same look to him today. It's supposed to get into the mid- 80's. I'm not normally a fan of any temperature above 80 but after our recent cold snap it's a welcome change. The best thing about it heating up is dad's stock. Stock is my favorite flower in dad's garden. Double Bloom Stock, to be exact, produces what is probably my favorite scent in the world (orange blossoms being a close second... oh, and those chocolate chip cookies must be a third) and the scent grows stronger the warmer it gets. It reminds me of home and the arrival of Spring and baseball and all of that good stuff. Also, stock is just plain gorgeous.

On this glorious day, while dad and I are at my bro's house, mom will stay home for her "Poirot Jubilee". Among Superbowl counter programming options today, there is a "Poirot" marathon and mom couldn't be happier. She'll have hours of uninterrupted Poirot programming to enjoy while Pops and I go to the loudest house on earth. (I love my niece and nephew but hardwood floors and a 7 and 5-year-old make for a mighty noise.)

Enjoy your day and be careful. No, I' don't know something you don't know!


kb said...

Well, thanks for making me teary. The mere mention of Joshua watching over his yard did me in. But, then just the thought of blooming stock was enough to make me smile!

Trooperdog said...

80's in February??? That's just so wrong!

~ Lucy said...

KB, I know! I miss "The Wuh" to this day. He was such a sweet little guy.

Troop, I know! It's completely ridiculous. Where can I file a complaint?