Monday, May 1

A day without a traffic headache

Needless to say the immigration issue is a complex one. Having some Mexican heritage of my own, my mother (the parent with no Mexican heritage) asked if I'd be skipping work in support of my "people". That was her big joke all weekend. She also asked my brother if he planned to keep the kids out of school for the boycott. Mom cracks herself up.

As a person who tries to see all sides of an issue I thought :"Well, the Day Without Immigrants boycott will be an interesting one". I don't think many Californias really understand how screwed we are without the immigrant workforce.

That being said, I don't think the protesters planned on traffic being so light today. It normally takes me 40 minutes to get to work. Today it took only 20 minutes. I was so excited but felt a little sorry for the well intentioned protesters out there. I don't think they planned on amazing commutes. It also occured to me that the smaller class sizes in schools today probably won't help their side much either.

The whole thing is such a bummer. We built this sytem up and now it's coming back to kick us all in the ass. I call it the Karma Express. All aboard!

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