Tuesday, May 16

Who knew?

Now I can't be certain that this is true but I find it intriguing, so here goes. According to the nice woman leading my parents tour, the Swiss are very concerned about nuclear war and have made some interesting arrangements for just such an occasion. Apparently, all roads and rail lines into Switzerland have dynamite under certain critical portions. If nuclear war hits, they blow up all entry ways so nobody can get in (and it's not like you can land a plane or helicopter on the Alps!). They have hidden bunkers all over the place that only each village knows about. The guide says she went into one once. It look like a typically cute Swiss chalet on the outside and in. She was led to a hidden doorway and shown around the minimal bunker. They are rather barren but have food and supplies to last a long while. I find that fascinating!!

The Swiss will be living high on the hog while we all duke it out. I gotta say I respect that kind of neutrality and paranoia.

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