Tuesday, May 9

Late to the party

I realize this may be decades old news for some but I've just discovered Tom Waits' Closing Time and I'm in love. I've always heard great things about it but never took the time to take a listen. I'm especially fond of I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You.

The storytelling throughout the album is great but mostly I'm partial to those great Croce chord progressions from the early 70's. I think it's because it reminds me of the father/daughter nights that my dad and I shared when I was a kid. He used to take me to my favorite restaurant Bruno's. We'd sometimes go to a movie...always my pick. Dad apparently never checked the ratings of any of my choices, this is how I saw The Omen, Saturday Night Fever and God knows what else. I'm just glad I hadn't heard of Looking For Mr. Goodbar at that age!

Anyway, Bruno's was the epitome of the 70's bar/restaurant. it was dark and showcased stained redwood paneled walls with lots of hanging plants and (I'm certain) lots of cigarette smoke. I liked the pizza. I can't recall if they had a jukebox (I always liked those too) or if they had a live performer. The bottom line is that Closing Time reminds me of those dinners out with my dad. I'm sure there must have been some mournful singer in the corner singing Jim Croce, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman and Tom Waits tunes at Bruno's.

I had hoped to simply download Closing Time from iTunes but it was a partial album and that just wouldn't do. I was comforted when the kid behind the counter at The Warehouse asked if it was for me or a friend. I said it was for me. He said "It's a great album." They still call them albums?! Thank God some things have survived from my childhood. In fact, now that I think of it, I haven't had a father/daughter dinner in a long time. I think it's time for another, my treat Dad.

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Norman said...

GOODBAR -- NOT about candy, unfortunately -- should be added to whatever screening program includes HARDCORE and all those wacky Joan Crawford vehicles.