Friday, May 5

Yah, you betcha

I just got back from a biz trip to Milwaukee, WI. Now I can't get that accent out of my head.

At one point we needed a box dolly to haul our meeting materials. When we returned it to the receptionist she looked at us and said "Oh yah, ya got a hand caRRt theRRe dontcha. Well just paRRk it aRRound the side theRe. Thanks so much hon." I loved it!

Somebody at one of our meetings said we HAD to try the fried cheese curds. Fried what?! Well, far be it from me to turn up my nose at fried anything, besides we were curious so we tried them (right theRe under the Brett FaRve and Vince LombaRRdi posters. Go Pac!!) They're like fried mozzarella sticks but with cheddar cheese. Yum!

I called my brother from the car this morning and we played dueling accents. I was Milwaukee and he bounced from Boston to Philly. He said one of his favorite conversations overheard at the airport was in Philly. One guy was saying to another "...and how 'bout the poor slob who has to type the letters in for the deaf people on the tv? Talk about a bad job!"

I'm learning to love airports. "MaRRge LungRRen, paRRty of Fi-eve".

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