Thursday, May 25


Seven things I want to do before I die:
  • See the Aurora Borealis
  • Visit Europe multiple times and with my parents at least once
  • See my niece and nephew grow into their happy adulthood
  • Become a published photographer and/or writer (I don't think this blog counts)
  • Drive Cross country
  • Become proficient at yoga (without really hurting myself)
  • Become a home-owner
Seven things I cannot do:
Seven things that attract me to a friend:
  • Kindness
  • Open mindedness
  • Humor
  • Appreciation of the arts
  • A good ol' liberal mind set
  • Consideration of others
  • A willingness to do dumb stuff with me

Seven things I say most often:
  • Quit it! (To my brother)
  • Cry me a river! (To many co-workers)
  • Will a puppy die? (When people at work are overreacting to a so called crisis)
  • Dude!
  • Pipe down!
  • Seriously...
  • You're killin' me!
Seven Monstrosities:
  • Genocide
  • The current administrations idea of "values"
  • Fox "News" Channel
  • The attention Paris Hilton gets in this country
  • The lack of attention real issues get in American media
  • Apathy
  • War

Seven things I could do all day:
  • Read
  • BBQ w/friends & family
  • Laugh w/family & friends
  • Sit on a beach & stare at the surf
  • Surf the net
  • Drive up and down the California coast
  • Email friends

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Chris Hyde said...

Yeah! Way to go!