Friday, May 19

Love, Room 4

I have access to all sorts of fun kids products. I sometimes take them for granted but often try to place them in the right hands. A couple of years ago I learned that my sister-in-law had a reward box in her classroom of first graders. The kids sit at tables and, needless to say, can get a little fidgety. At the end of each week the kids at the table with the most "good behavior points" get to pick a prize from the reward box. She says this incentive works like a charm. She can get them to behave for months on end with that reward box. I recently gave her a big bag of capsule toys for the box. You know, the ones found in quarter (well now 75 cent - dollar) machines. I had forgotten all about it until yesterday when I received the cutest stack of thank you notes. All included drawings and a brief thank you. Most said things like "Thank you for all the fun stuff. I like the toys a lot. Thank you." My favorite read: "Thank you for the necles (necklace). Can you plez get some more. From Maria".

I've decided Maria has the right idea. I'm just going to start asking for more stuff. "Dear Maria, Thank you for your thank you note it really made my day. Can I have some more? From, Lucy"

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