Tuesday, September 25


I've heard legend of a co-workers bold behavior but today I "caught wind" of it first hand. The co-worker in question has been rumored to pass gas rather loudly and with very little remorse. Those who work in her (yes, I said her) vicinity have been shocked when I pled ignorance to this issue. I've honestly never heard her do it... that is, until today. Today I walked by her desk and heard her blast an enormous fart. It was truly shocking. Now, I can understand the occasional slip up in this department but to make no apparent effort to stop yourself is something I've never come across in the work place. Sure, my younger brother and even the brothers of friends have gone the extra mile when trying to shock my friends and I with this behavior, but that was years ago. My experience today left me so perplexed I wasn't even able to react. I didn't even laugh. I just walked by wide eyed and stunned. I forgot to even mention it anyone until now.

I honestly don't know how to react to something like this. One friend who sits near the culprit has told me she' occasionally shouts out "Hey! Do you mind?". She says she gets an offhand "Oh, sorry" in response but the behavior doesn't stop.

I apologise for the off color topic of today's post, but honestly, have any of you ever experienced this? It's all so foreign to me. Aside from this odd behavior, I really like this person. What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe she has some kind of chronic digestive disorder. Far be it from me to defend your co-worker when she has presented no defense for herself, but... you never know.