Monday, September 17

I enjoy being a girl

Missing the "You are a woman now" film in the third grade because your mom booked an optometrist appointment that infamous day: Free

Guiding your room mate, through the bathroom door, through her first perilous first tampon application: Free

Surviving numerous pregnancy scares, both yours and your friends: Free

Receiving this picture along with the text "What the F?" in my inbox from a married and startled friend: F*cking priceless


kb said...

I love my two kids more than anything in the world, but I am SO glad I'm not the married, startled friend who sent this. Phew!

tAnYeTTa said...

i'm new to your blog!

i've always wondered how people are startled when they find out they're pregnant.

you're doing the humpty dance, there's always that chance of getting knocked up right?????

ok nevermind. i'm tip toeing out now :)

great post!