Saturday, September 15

Ice, Ice, Baby

Dad has been fishing in Alaska for the past week and a half. His friend from the 1st grade and his brother invited Dad to join them. He's been excited about it for a while but the extra fun bonus was that he used frequent flyer miles and scored a round trip first class ticket. Nice!

We haven't heard form him in a week because the lodge is rather remote and only has short wave radio communication. Before Dad left, he warned us that he'd be sending a lot of fish home. They clean and flash freeze the catch and ship it to your home. I'm not a big fish fan but as I recall, that Alaskan caught fish pretty darn good eating.

In anticipation of the big catch, Mom decided to get a freezer for the garage. We never seem to have enough room in the kitchen freezer so it seemed like a practical idea. After some research, and a recon mission to Sears, Mom asked me to go with her this morning to buy the freezer. She picked a smallish model, we're not trying to store a side of beef after all. Immediately after the purchase she regretted her decision. She had spent more than planned but I thought she'd made a good choice. Finally, I convinced her she'd done the right thing when I pointed out "Dad can keep his dead birds in there." She hadn't considered the dreaded dead bird collection. We currently have a hummingbird taking up residence in the freezer. Mom hates fish so the thought of Dad keeping his dead birds and fish in another location suddenly made the purchase seem down right brilliant. How could we have forgotten that obvious advantage?! The dead animal keeper will be delivered tomorrow. I suppose it's no different from anyone else's freezer. Most folks have things like chicken, beef and fish in their freezer, right? I guess the only difference is that most people don't catch or find them themselves.

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kb said...

Oh, our Dads are SO out of the same mold! I've seen many a questionable bag in our garage freezer over the years!