Tuesday, September 18


I've been doing some exploring, via Tivo, and trying some different shows. I've mentioned some here lately, but these are the ones I like the most:

Mad Men
- Probably my top pick these days. It centers on the lives of ad men in the 60's. If this show is indication, I think it's safe to say that to be a white, professional, male in the 60's was to have it made. The storyline is great but the set and costume design are impeccable, right down to women's round tipped manicures. The folks working on this show are dead on. Along with the amazing look of the show, I'm often shocked at the sexist attitudes portrayed in Mad Men but Mom tells me that's exactly how it was. They also have fun with the naivete of the time. Pregnant women are shown drinking and smoking constantly along with the rest of the characters. When a child walks into the kitchen wearing a dry cleaning bag over her head because she's playing "spaceman", her mother's response is not horror over the potential suffocation threat but annoyance that her dry cleaning has probably been tossed on her bedroom floor. Give this one a try, you won't be sorry.

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style - Shandon and I share a love of all things "before and after". This one is B&A at it's best. I like this show more than What Not to Wear because it's a bit kinder. It's more about changing the self confidence of the people they help. Tim Gunn gives excellent advice, with some humor, along with a gentle and caring touch. I really like him.

Confessions of a Matchmaker - This show features a no nonsense matchmaker named Patti Novak. Patti is quite the opposite of Tim Gunn. She meets and matches singles for a living but her tough love approach is what makes it worth watching. Most of her clients are a mess in one way or another and Patti's there to help them out. She whips them into shape with her candor but manages to never be nasty. She demands respect for herself and her clients but mostly she cracks me up.

Rescue Me - Ok, hear me out. I wasn't a big Denis Leary fan either but this show is great. It focuses on the lives of firemen in a New York city firehouse post 9/11. All of the firemen are struggling in their lives but mostly Denis Leary's character, Tommy Gavin. Tommy is dealing with some serious survivor's guilt. He speaks with his dead cousin who died in the Twin Towers. Let's be clear, this is a show for grown ups. Let's just say the firefighting scenes are almost as hot as the sex scenes but I really love the humor... oh, and the cute boys don't hurt either. Rescue Me is heartbreaking, hilarious and sometimes down right disturbing which is what makes it such great television. It's definitely a show worth catching up on.

Intervention - This one is a train wreck that I can't stop watching. It follows the lives of one or two addicts (junkies, alcoholics, bulimics, you name it) who believe they are participating in a documentary on addiction. It all leads up to an intervention then gives an update on the addict three months later. It's brutal but good stuff.

How Clean is Your House?
- Mentioned here the other day. I love it!

Here is programming I'm most looking forward to this new season:

The War - I've pretty much loved every documentary Ken Burns has done. I'm looking forward to his take on the most documented war. I'm sure he'll have a unique point of view.

The Bionic Woman - I guess the aggressive ad campaign has worked on me. This one looks like a good time.

Men In Trees - I love, love, love this show. I always fall for shows based in Alaska especially those featuring rugged men. Throw in an especially dreamy male lead and I'm sold.

Lost - They almost lost me last season but they turned it around in time to make we look forward to it again. Let's see how long they can keep my attention.

Grey's Anatomy - Yeah, I'm sick as sick of Meredith as the next person, but somehow they keep me wanting more. McDreamy has sort of become McWhiny but the previews show him with a nice new haircut that makes him look almost at good as McSteamy. If you don't understand that then don't bother trying to catch up, you've missed too much.

And here are the down right embarrassing, guilty pleasures I've found surprisingly entertaining. I eat these shows up like an 8 year old boy:

Ice Road Truckers - I know, I know. When I first saw this advertised I said "Oh God, give me a break!" Then I saw a few episodes and found it oddly compelling. Who knew this job even existed?

Survivorman - This dude is a maniac and I can't stop watching him go.

Deadliest Catch - Insanity.

Looking at this list it becomes painfully obvious that I'm a sucker for prime time soap operas, documentaries and reality shows. I suppose there are worse realizations.


shandon said...

I don't know what Ice Road Truckers is, but it can't be any more of a guilty pleasure than a Saturday night marathon of Flip That House.

Also? I can always, ALWAYS get sucked into those real-life cold case shows on Court TV.

Trooperdog said...

On your recommendation, I started watching "How Clean is Your House". What a hoot!