Sunday, September 30

First impressions

Today I decided to try Weight Watchers again. It's the only program I've ever attempted that I saw results with. Of course, I tend to gain everything back but that's my fault not the program's.

Anyway, I decided to try a Sunday morning class since my Sunday mornings are less hectic than my Saturday mornings and weekdays are insane. When I walked in to register, there were two women behind the counter. One was a young woman probably in her early 30's. Another petite women, in her 40's, was helping me. For whatever reason I assumed the older woman was the "Leader" of the meeting. It may have been the way she was gently scolding an older women for having gained weight in the past week. There was an annoying patronizing tone to her scolding that bugged me. Besides, the new member who had gained weight seemed to be confused about the program and that probably explained the weight gain. She just needed to talk to someone in a little more detail. I just stood there and hoped I'd get the younger woman for my registration but, of course, I got the scolder. Then I looked down and saw her name badge. It said "I lost 13 pounds in 2006". Ok, good job but... 13 pounds? Give me a break! I am 5'10" and have a significant amount of weight to lose. I realize it's ridiculous but I can't listen to a tiny 5'3" self righteous woman tell me how to lose the ton I have to drop. And was that a flinch I saw when you noted my starting weight? Lady, I'll take you down with that kind of attitude! I figured I'd stay, hear her out, then find a different meeting.

I sat down and flipped though the WW materials until the younger woman walked to the front and started the meeting. Phew! Here's what I instantly liked about her: She wasn't that superior little troll from up front, she had a small nose piercing, she wore a purple crushed velvet skirt and a bright pink feathered hair clip in her hair. I liked her silver sandals, and was that a tattoo I saw peeking out from under her sandal strap? Yes, it was! By the end of the meeting I'd learned that she'd lost 35 pounds (that's better) 7 years ago on WW, had a baby then had to lose it all over again. After our meeting she was off to teach a yoga class then take a yoga class. (Ok, now we're talking.) She emphasised the fact that good health is not a number on a scale or a size in our pants. She pointed out that while she had the height of a supermodel the similarities clearly stopped there (she's a little taller than I am) and that being underweight is not a good goal for anyone. When people ask her how long it took to lose 35 pounds she says "So far, 7 years, 4 months and 6 days." I like her and will be back. I hope I don't see the scolder again. She might get hurt.

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