Sunday, September 9

Go Pac!

Now, I'm not a scary, screaming, chest pounding, face painting variety football fan, but the sound of football on a Sunday is one of my all time favorites. I think I feel this way because it means fall is coming (or here) as well as cooler weather. Now that I'm an adult, fall means no back to school for me. Ha ha! I still get a little thrill when the kiddies trudge off to school without me. For all of these reasons fall is my favorite time of year and football is the sound of fall for me.

For many years it didn't matter who was playing, I just liked to have the tv tuned to football. I'd generally ignore the action and score but enjoyed the comforting sounds of football. On the other hand, I pretty much despised most football players. I thought those guys were the worst qualities of men all rolled into an awful gang of steroid sipping freaks. I still can't stand most and I particularly despise the carefully choreographed post-touchdown dances performed in the end zone. I hate grandstanding and no sports figures grandstand more than pro- football players. I consider most just plain awful.

That's how I felt about all pro football until my dear friend Heidi, turned me on to the Green By Packers. I've loved the Pac ever since. Their fans are like no other sports fans out there. They will never turn on their boys, they will support them 'til they die. Season tickets are not cold heartedly sold to the highest bidder, they are lovingly passed down from generation to generation. Unlike other NFL teams they are publicly owned. That's right, you too can buy Green Bay Packers stock, ya just gotta love that concept. Going to Lambeau Field for a Packers game remains high on my life list of things to do before I die.

This morning I'm enjoying the first game of the season. Brett Favre is back as Quarterback and there are already several players out due to injuries but no matter, the Pac is back and my world is a better place for it.


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