Sunday, September 2

Ode to a Gay Husband

I have a wonderful Gay Husband, his name is Tony. Well, he's not really my husband but he's a dear friend who happens to be gay and every girl who knows him would marry if she could.

The deal with a Gay Husband is that they are all the things a wonderful husband is but without any complicated intimacy issues. They make you laugh and share common entertainment interests but are also men so they are excellent chaperones. For instance, today Mom warned me about the purse snatching problem at our local mall (who knew?). She told me to be careful to which I replied "Don't worry, I'll be with Tony." She was relieved. Tony is a fantastic singer and likes to dance, he loves theater and sing-a-longs and has one of the most upbeat outlooks on life I've ever encountered. Above all, Tony is a gentleman. He's a breath of fresh air and he's one of my best friends.

Today Tony and I got together for brunch and movie. We walked around the mall a bit, shopped a bit and picked up some iced teas (since it was so freakin' hot, even in the mall!). (Sidebar: We went to the Coffee Bean kiosk where the server asked me "Is this for here or to go?" Here? What here? Would I stand here at the counter? What difference does it make? Would I get a crystal goblet if it were "for here? What do you mean?!" I must have had a funny look on my face as all of these thoughts whizzed through my head because Tony was laughing at me.)

Later, in Sun Coast Video, while looking through the Classics and TV DVD sets I mentioned that I couldn't figure out how to record on my new DVD recorder. "It's only recording a black screen." I whined. Tony puffed out his chest and said "Let me take a look at it." When we got home he quickly had my DVD recorder all hooked up and working like a dream. Not only can I now record but he showed me how to name each chapter (or episodes of Men in Trees, in my case) and select a title photo for each episode. I would have NEVER known about those options much less how to figure them all out.

Ladies, I highly recommend having a Gay Husband as wonderful as mine. Admittedly, a primo Gay Husband can be hard to find but I believe they're well worth the search. Oh, but for the record you can't have mine... he's taken! He's my Rock Hudson (if only I could be Elizabeth Taylor. Early Liz, that is.)

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tAnYeTTa said...

i want a gay husband like tony!!!! ;)

LOL at the cafe question for here or to go!

crystal goblet--crunk cup it's all funny to me :)

great post!