Thursday, September 13

Wicked Good Time

Forgive me if I've mentioned my latest television obsession already, but have you seen How Clean is Your House? *Sigh* Oh, it's SO good but, admittedly, in a train wreck/guilty pleasure sort of way.

Two British ladies go to the filthiest homes they can find and clean them up. (And for the record, I'm on board with most any show that features two British ladies.) Kim and Aggie, my new Brit friends, find folks living in absolute squalor, toss out the junk, reveal the health hazards of living in filth and show them how to change their ways. I especially love the way they use ordnary, old fashioned cleaning formulas utilizing vinegar, soap, borax, lemons, salt and hot water most of the time. It's amazing what a bit of elbow grease and effort can do for the lives of these people. I'm literally shocked every episode with how some people live. I think I gasp pretty much every time I tune in. I can't get over the fact that these people live this way then allow their homes to be shown on tv. It's incredible!

Mom says she tunes in from time to time to feel better about her cleaning skills. I can pretty much guarantee you'll have a similar reaction. I should warn any germaphobes out there to avoid it this show at all costs. You may never recover! The rest of you should be sure to check it out on BBC America. Oh, but avoid the London rat episode. Even I couldn't stomach that one.


kb said...

Cleaning and British ladies all in one show? My dream! Besides, I've needed something like this ever since Two Fat Ladies went off the air.

tAnYeTTa said...

i loved that show!!!!!!

even though i could not stomach much of the shows.

i was shocked that people were living that way. it was like a train wreck, you couldn't help but watch even though you know you should keep moving so you won't block traffic :)