Monday, November 13


Today was my first day back at work. Right away I was hit with an "emergency". Instead of freaking out, I just started making the necessary calls and doing the investigating that needed to happen. In the end it all turned out fine so I'm glad I didn't waste time stressing out about it. I need to remember that. It never helps to fret.

After work I picked up a few things to make my new cube more homey. I got a rug, a matching pillow for my guest chair, a wooden bowl and a small Buddha statue. I was hoping he would help remind me to slow down and breathe when things get tense. But then I thought: Oh, no. Will someone be offended if I bring a Buddha to work? Does anyone have a Cross at work? I can't think of one but who knows? I just like the looks of him. Hmm, what to do... Well, now that I think of it, once people found out my friend was Catholic they started bringing her Virgin Mary and Nun stuff. Her desk is covered with a boxing nuns, a big plastic Mary, prayer cards and so on. We decided it probably scared her boss a little bit but we thought that was funny.

As for me, I'm sort of eclectic in my spiritual leanings. I like the peace and love-thy-neighbor parts of religion while other aspects make me batty. Also, I find myself drawn to certain icons. For instance I really like Mary. I carry a Catholic holy card with the Hail Mary prayer on it. I also really liked visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York so I keep a St. Patrick's Cathedral key chain with my keys. I have a small polished rose quartz stone that I've held on to during scary medical procedures. I've even loaned it out to friends to help them get through their scary times. Most people don't know about the prayer card, the key chain or the quartz but I'm sure most would think adding Buddha to the mix is bizarre. I guess I just don't care. All of these things help bring a small amount of peace to my days. For that reason alone I plan to keep them around.

So here is my question to you: What brings you peace? Do you have something tangible that helps you get through tough times? Let me know, I'm really interested.

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Trooperdog said...

For me, there are two things that bring me peace. The first is the ability to actually turn to God. For me, God is very real and I appreciate being able to talk with Him. The second is nature. I find that I really experience peace when I am in the mountains or at the ocean. I love it!