Tuesday, November 21

Tony! Frankie!

Tonight I asked Mom "Is there anything good on?" meaning is there anything good on tv tonight? She said "That Tony Bennett thing looks pretty good." Tony Bennett thing? What Tony Bennett thing?!

Well, I'm watching that Tony Bennett thing and I love it!! Mr. Bennett has apparently re-recorded some of his biggest hits as duets and they're so much fun.

It even includes my all time favorite Bennett song: I Wanna Be Around.

Mom turned me on to this song some time in my twenties. She enthusiastically explained "Oh, it's the best! It's what you listen to after a bad breakup." She was right. It's the best you'll-be-sorry song EVER. I confess that I prefer the original much better. It has a real bite to it. The newer version has been softened a bit. Too bad. Tony still sounds like he's having a good time though. I suppose that's what really counts.

During tonights show, there was an ad for a new boxed set of Frank Sinatra in Vegas. Mom is not a fan of Sinatra mostly because he was a notorious jerk and she says "he set women back about 40 years and they loved it". I know I'm a feminist and all but I just love Frankie. I know the stories about the mob connections, the roughing up of ex's new boyfriends and so on but, dang it, his music makes me smile. Besides, he earned the fattest file of any entertainer in J Edger Hoover's cabinet, I can't help but admire that. And let's not forget that Ava Gardner broke the guys heart.. that's gotta make a man cranky for a looooong time.

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