Friday, November 24

Oh, the humanaity.

I've already broken my vow to avoid chain stores for Christmas shopping. I needed a boom box for my niece and figured I'd try Best Buy and if that was too horrific, then I could hit Target. I thought I could handle it.

Last night I decided I wouldn't set my alarm, I wouldn't be one of those maniacs who shop at midnight or 5:00 am. I showered last night and figured I could just get up when I felt like it, get dressed and go. I woke up and heard that there had been a brawl at my local Best Buy. Nerves were apparently raw after folks spent the night in line for a $200 computer offer. Well, no matter, I was going anyway. I wound up getting to the Best Buy parking lot around 8:00 am. The lot was pretty full so I figured if I could find a parking spot without much effort then I would go in. I aimed for the center of the parking lot and immediately found a spot. I walked in to Best Buy and pretty much walked right out. There was the most unimaginable swarm of people in there. The computer and tv section were especially bad. The first thing I thought was "Oh, the humanity." My second thought was "Damn! Why didn't I keep my camera in my purse so I could post this picture?!"

I walked back to my car and held my breath the whole way to Target. The parking lot wasn't bad at all. No different than any ordinary weekend at Target. I walked in and found it down right tranquil compared to that awful Best Buy scene.

I can't remember the last time I shopped on Black Friday. I'm not sure why I tried today. Guess I needed a reminder why I normally avoid it.

Later, I met Shandon and her crew for lunch and a movie. We saw The Departed. About 10 minutes into the film I thought "Somebody wants to be Scorsese." I was annoyed by a few camera angles but otherwise I really liked the movie. It wasn't until the end credits that I learned it actually was a Scorsese film. Oops!!! It's definitely what I'd call a "Boy Movie" but it's a good story and worth checking out.

I'm now watching a hokey movie on the Hallmark Channel to take the edge off this otherwise darkly themed day. (A fun, darkly themed day!) Sing , Dolly, sing!!

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Stacie said...

Too funny! I, too, avoid the shopping on Black Friday. People are downright scary that day...