Wednesday, November 22

Here we go again

I'm sure I've mentioned it here before but I've been wanting to become an knitter for a long time now. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at it. It might be that it's fall but I'm feeling the need to try knitting again. All I know is that I've tried many times before but inevitably get frustrated and give up.

I cruise the web for inspiration and fun knitting sites. Problem is, they're usually so intimidating that I'm left feeling hopeless about the whole idea. I think it's the knitting patterns... they freak me out.

Well, here are a few new sites I've found. Mostly I'm looking for a friendly little knit store with a good instructor to teach me a few things. Here's a few sites I've found:

briar rose fibers
This diva knits with Grey's Anatomy
This is a place I've considered taking a knitting lesson from.
I'm also considering Skein.
This place will teach me for free but I have to buy my supplies form them.
Of course, I could always try to teach myself... again. Then again that's never gotten me very far.

One day I'll actually walk into a yarn shop and ask for help. Until then I'll probably just keep lurking online for inspiration.

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