Thursday, November 16


I'm very sleepy but the words "must... write... blog" are keeping me up, so here goes:

Tonight I saw Flushed Away. I must say it made me laugh out loud several times. The pacing was a bit frenetic for me but it was ok.

As for coming attractions, here are a couple of movies I'm looking forward to seeing:

Shut Up and Sing
For Your Consideration

Movies I'll be taking a pass on:
Death of a President

Movies I missed that are Netflix bound:
Darwin's Nightmare
Deliver Us From Evil

That's all I got folks. See you tomorrow...


Stacie said...

Do you think Flushed Away is appropriate for small children (say age 5ish)? Or is it too 'adult'?
Just curious what your thoughts are.

~ Lucy said...

Hi Stacie,

Hmm, well I think it's probably fine for younger kids. There are some "bad guys" but they're sort of over the top and silly and not too scary. The pace is absolutely intended to keep a child's attention. So yes, I think it's probably fine for a 5-year-old. Have fun!