Monday, November 20


Everyone at work is sick. I felt fine until after noon. I then started feeling cold and achy. I'm feeling better now so I'm hoping the air conditioner was just on too high.

To help me feel better I'm doing one of the things I always do when I'm tired and possibly coming down with something: I watch a comfort film. We all have them. There are your all time favorite movies and then there are your comfort films. For instance, I will pretty much drop everything and watch The Godfather I or II any time it's on tv (uncut of course). But when I'm feeling "weak" (as my mom would say) The Godfather is too stressful so I pop in a comfort film. You know you have them too. The qualifying factors are as follows, they tend to be chick-flicks, I can watch them dozens of times and never grow tired of them and they lean towards the cheesy. Most of all it should be noted that they aren't the highest quality films on earth but they sure do make me feel better.

Here are my top five:
  • Bridget Jones' Diary - *sigh* Oh, Colin Firth...
  • Pride & Prejudice (The dreamy Colin Firth version OR the newer Matthew Macfadyen version. *sigh* Oh, Mr. Darcy. Do you see a theme here?)
  • While You Were Sleeping - I know it's sort of dopey but I just love it.
  • Baby Boom - What can I say, I've always liked Diane Keaton.
  • Under The Tuscan Sun - Dreamy Italian guy and an unbelievable setting. Yea!
Of course, there are also Comfort TV shows but that's another list for another day.

Once again, I'd like to tag Shandon to see what her comfort films are.

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