Saturday, November 11

The Force

I was blogging about something earlier but Blogger didn't save it and now I'm bored with that topic. I'll summarize by saying that my nephew had a rough soccer game today. His little friend Dylan lost control of the ball and the opposing team scored a goal following his mistake. Dylan, normally a very sweet kid, was so outraged that he picked up the ball and chucked it at the scorers head. Now, I don't condone violence but God knows I know how Dylan felt. Next time you see a kid misbehaving, just imagine an adult behaving that way at work. Trust me, it can be endlessly entertaining.

And speaking of mindless, childish behavior, I've spent my afternoon "watching" the Star Wars marathon on Cinemax. (I put the word in quotes because I rarely sit and literally watch a movie at home. I'm usually on the computer, flipping through a magazine, folding laundry or whatever needs to be done.) I've never seen the first three episodes because I heard they were crap. Well, after (sort of) watching the first two episodes I've got one word for you: BOR-ING! The only reason I'm tuning in is so I can trash-talk my nephew. We often play the Star Wars Edition of Trivial Pursuit and I'm forever shouting out "Princess Leia!" for every answer. Let me tell you, it's difficult to win when with that strategy. Now, I'll be better informed. I plan to call the current champion to tell him to prepare for defeat. Game on kiddo!

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