Thursday, November 23


This morning I helped my mom make her Pecan Tassies. I'd forgotten all about them until a few weeks ago when my aunt commented how much she'd always liked them. Mom decided to dust off the recipe card and make them for Thanksgiving.

Mom was having trouble pressing hers into the pan. I had a technique that seemed to be working. I commented that it was my dumb luck that I'm a decent baker. I've always known just when to take the cookies out of the oven and how to correct small problems in baking. Other people are great atheltes, mathmeticians, writers, artists, musicians and so on. I'm a good baker. It figures! The last thing on earth I need is an abundance of baked goods lining the kitchen counter but that's the gift I was given. Ugh!

My brother, on the other hand, is an amazing grill chef. He knows exactly how everyone in the family likes their meat cooked. He's grilling the turkey today. I know it sounds a bit strange. I too was skeptical last year when he tried it but, I gotta tell you, it was amazing. I'm looking forward to another good turkey dinner today. He's not a sweets kind of guy but he'll eat my cookies.

My Dad's favorites are my oatmeal raisin cookies. It's from my moms old recipe. I hadn't made them in years. Probably a decade. I was feeling sorry for Dad. Just because I shouldn't be eating cookies doesn't mean he should do without. Last week I told him I'd make oatmeal cookies for him. I baked a batch yesterday and it's about as excited as I've seen my dad in ages. He was thrilled.

I'm not crazy about the oven I was using but they came out well. I still got it! They were yummy.

I hope you too get to enjoy some yummy home made treats today.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Holly Burnham said...

I made Pecan Tassies this year as well....but, every one of them stuck to the an...and the recipe said I did not have to grease the little cups....DRAT!!!!!!