Sunday, November 26

'Cause knowledge is power...

After running some errands I came home to tidy up the house. I was looking for something to listen to while I organized an incredibly messy linen closet. It's not the most fun way to spend a Sunday, but God only knew what was in there so it was time get cleanin'. Besides, we're going to need to know what's in there for Christmas entertaining.

I decided to listen to my School House Rock DVD. While listening and not watching, I quickly realized that everything I needed to know I learned from School House Rock. Seriously, I think every person my age got through their Constitution test by humming the Preamble song. The first time I heard Sacajawea's name was in the Elbow Room song. Of course they gloss over a lot but I got the picture as a kid. And of course, Sufferin' Until Suffrage is still a favorite. I really don't know how I would have made it out of elementary school without the help of School House Rock.

And... SHUT UP! Did you know Blossom Dearie sang Unpack Your Adjectives?! I've always loved that one. I can't believe I never made the connection. Well, see there? I learned something new.

Of course here is the standard favorite. I can understand why... it's still a pretty snappy tune. ("hey that's nice")

Some of the send ups are pretty funny. Check out this one from The Simpsons.

Next up: A Year Without a Santa Claus. I picked it up at Toys R Us while doing more Christmas shopping. I love the Mr. Heatmiser song! (By the way, one of my favorite Christmas songs is now Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's version of this song on their Everything You Want for Christmas CD. Check it out.)


Chris said...

Love the "Conjunction Junction" clip!!!

stacie said...

Gotta love school house rock!!