Monday, October 30

Back to school

Today I went to work in my new office, err, cubicle. It's actually pretty nice but it's still a cube. I now sit in a space made mostly of a shower door type of glass. The work space is designed to take full advantage of natural light. We are therefore being asked to resist the incredible urge to hang black out curtains to cover the shower door glass. We can, however, hang sheets of decorative transparent paper to help prevent the fishbowl feeling. My cube has a "closet" but really it's a locker. I've decided to put up a mirror and a Tiger Beat centerfold of Shaun Cassidy to complete the effect.

My friends and I ate lunch in the new commissary. Why do I just know we will end up commandeering the same table day after day? It felt just like junior high. We're talking lunch trays and everything. Unbelievable, I turn 40 and it's back to this. Where did I go wrong?

P.S. Don't get me wrong. I'm totally getting a piece of this (and this) action.

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Chris said...

Shaun Cassidy. Wow. Now that's a memory!

"Da Do Run Run Run, Da Do Run Run"