Thursday, October 19


I haven't been blogging much lately because my sister-in-law's dad is very sick. I'm just feeling blue and helpless about the situation. To put a very long and sad story short, I may have been the last person to talk with him. That breaks my heart. I never intended to be that person. I feel unworthy. It should have been his wife or kids not his son in law's sarcastic sister.

Sorry to be a Debbie-downer but that's what's been going on with my family.

To make matters worse, some jerk gave my cell number to an idiotic client. We're working on budgets right now and she's having technical difficulties. My cell phone is used, lmost exclusively, for personal use. Every time it rings my heart stops. This financial freak-show called me at 9:02 this morning wanting to know when her problem would be fixed. I thought about telling her I was going through a family crisis and to LOSE my number but I thought she might have a heart attack. Instead, I told her that I don't handle her account (did I mention that she is in no way my problem?!) and that her account manager was working on it (you freakin' stalker!). Now, I'm just not answering calls from her area code. I know... very mature, huh?

The one bit of good news I can share is that I finally received my absentee ballot. Thank God! I can stop harping on that subject now.

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