Thursday, October 19

Don't mess with me

So, remember that annoying client that keeps calling me on my cell? Well, she called again and left another message. Here is the email I sent her as a reply:

I do not manage your contract. PLEASE stop calling my cell phone number. I have a family member literally dying in the hospital and every time you make my phone ring it makes my heart stop.

I know your Account Manager and tech support are aware of your problems. Please forward your questions to them.

Thank you.

I know it was really mean to send that email but the weirdo just wouldn't step off. I would just die if I ever received anything like that but I don't stalk people who have nothing to do with my business. Needless to say, I haven't heard from her since.


shandon said...

I am officially in awe of your letter-writing abilities.

~ Lucy said...

Brevity works best.