Thursday, October 12

So blue...

Because I'll be driving the plains of South Dakota on election day, I'm getting a little sweaty about where my damn sample ballot is. I need to request an absentee ballot and it hasn't arrived yet.

Yesterday, I found out my mother, The Republican, has not only received her sample ballot but also her absentee ballot. Meanwhile, my dad and I, Democrats, have received nothing. Dad claims Mom ALWAYS gets her ballots before he does. We live in a blue state but a very red city. Dad and I have decided it's a conspiracy to keep the blue voters down. On the other hand, the one benefit of being blue in a red city comes when I go to vote in primaries. There is a depressing sea of Republican booths and one lone Democrat booth in the corner. I LOVE sweeping by all of those GOP booths to vote in my little booth with my head held high. It's the reason I've never voted absentee. I love going to the booth that I suspect only about a dozen of us use. I like thinking about some disgruntled Republican having to set it up for me, then waiting all day to watch how many of us show up. It's a little mean spirited, I admit, but it gives me a little thrill.

My hope is that by blogging about this I'll get home tonight and my ballot will be waiting for me. I'll keep you posted.


shandon said...

My parents were the only Democrats in their polling district and thus had their own private booth in all the primaries while I was growing up. Once, as an adult but still living at home, I had the pleasure of going to vote with my mom and sweeping by all those GOPs waiting in line to cast their ballots. It was so satisfying knowing I was going to stymie one of them with my vote.

shandon said...
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Anonymous said...

You will be sad to know that the democrats hope of winning the white house in 2008 (by getting moderate republicans to jump over the line), Mark Warner....decided yesterday not to run. His reason being he wants a normal life for his family (his daughter will start college in 2007).

Now you and I can have differnt candidates in 2008 I wont cross over that line for your other front runners.

You know who this is! :)