Sunday, October 22

So many tears

Tonight I sat across the room and watched my sister-in-law tell her kids that their grandfather had died. It was the toughest sight I've ever seen. She was magnificent and I am in awe of her gifts as a mother.

Farewell Paul. You know I loved you. I hope I'm worthy of seeing you on the other side.


Chris said...

Wow...I'm so sorry to hear that!!! So you were close to him, huh? That's pretty unique to be close to your sister-in-law's dad! I can't imagine the day that I have to tell my kids about their grandparents' death...especially Lynne's parents who my kids are VERY close to. If you have any tips that you learned from your sister-in-law...please pass them on so we're ready when that time comes! I'll pray for the whole family during this time of loss.

shandon said...

Last week you made the comment that it was "wrong" that you were the last person Paul was able to speak to. That's so not true -- I know you, and I'm sure you cheered him up immensely and made him laugh. It would have been great for other family members to have been there, too, but I can't think of anyone more wonderful for him to have spent time with.