Saturday, October 21


I was thinking about getting ahead of my Christmas shopping this year. In particular, I was thinking of an aunt who is a devout Catholic. I was looking for a rosary, greeting cards or candles. You know, something respectful that she would appreciate.

I found this site and, as usual, was drawn immediately to the bizarre. Can somebody please explain this to me? It seems so weird. I've never imagined Jesus playing sports. Now the images are burned in my brain. I can't shake them!

Thanks a lot!

At least they didn't put a helmut on Jesus. I'm thinking Jesus wouldn't need a helmut, so at least they got that part right. But wait, is that kid trying to tackle Jesus?! That can't be a good idea!


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Chris said...

Oh my gosh...that is hysterical! At the same time, it is mind-boggling!