Monday, October 23

I'm 40 and I like to KICK!

So, after yesterday's sad loss of life today is all about celebrating my own old-assed life. Today is my 40th birthday. All day long I've been imitating that Molly Shannon character, Sally O'Malley, who runs around saying "I'm 50 and I like to KICK!" Not everyone understands it but it makes me laugh.

A friend made 4 dozen cupcakes for my afternoon birthday party at work. She decided it would be really funny to light up 40 candles. I blew them out but, honest to God, the resulting smoke almost set off the alarm. How great would that have been?! It no doubt would have brought me my 15 minutes of fame.

Tonight I'm off to have dinner with some great friends from high school. They've already celebrated their 40th birthdays. We've decided to throw ourselves a wrap party for our 30's. Not sure when that will be but I'll be sure to blog about it.

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Chris said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you've finally joined the club!!!