Monday, October 2

South Dakota Lies

I've booked my flight to Minneapolis. I'm all set for the road trip to Mt. Rushmore. My traveling companion, Ethel, has asked some locals about our thoughts on going around South Dakota. They all say "Just drive straight through... trust me." This time of year it's apparently 8 hours of dead corn fields. Bet you can't wait to see those pix. Because we are both California natives we're used to driving through long stretches of desert. We're told it's similar driving.

Well, Ethel and I decided a must-see is the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway. According to this site we can pay our respects and visit Laura's grave... I'M SO THERE!!! Shandon, I promise to give your regards.

While doing some research Ethel found that South Dakota takes a lot of credit for being the home state of dear old Laura even though the famed Maple Grove and the Little House in the Woods are both, in fact, in Minnesota. We think South Dakota is being awfully greedy about taking credit here. Ultimately, Ethel emailed me regarding her concerns and stated "South Dakota Lies!". I liked the sound of it so I've decided that's should be the theme of this trip: "South Dakota Lies!" (including exclamation point) and we're in search of the truth. I plan to collect photographic evidence of the lies and report back on my fair blog.

Speaking of (a different variety of) fair, is it unfair to judge a state by it's AAA Tour Book? I ask because the great state of California requires TWO books to cover all of the exciting places to visit. On the other hand North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska all share ONE book. It's sort of sad don't you think? I'd hate for my my state to have to share with others. My mom says I'm a snob and that out Tour Book is bigger only because we have more cities. I argue that we have more cities because there are more cool places to live.


shandon said...

I'm SO jealous! Your trip will be great, and I do expect lots o' pictures and diner reviews.

But I think Laura herself is buried in Mansfield, MO...

Chris said...

I know SO MANY people from South's ridiculous. All I hear about is how great Sioux Falls is. Kinda scary. And, yes, your drive through rural S.D. should be plenty boring. I got to drive across Kansas twice...I'm sure it's pretty similar. So when are you going?