Thursday, October 5

Guilty! From a guy who knows.

Normally, I'd be LOVING this whole Foley scandal but because the man is a child predator it just takes all the fun out of it. I guess I prefer my political scandals between grown ups.

The one bright moment to come from this whole scandal came from a surprising source yesterday.

I've recently discovered Keith Olbermann's Countdown. I was watching Keith go when I heard the following show, Scarborough Country, would feature a chat with Pat Buchanan. Yes, that Pat Buchanan. The Pat Buchanan who drove me from the Republican Party back in the 80's. (I know, I know! I was young and foolish and the GOP got me to register to vote first. I saw Pat Buchanan speak at a subsequent Republican Convention and promptlyswitched parties.) Well, come on, the guy is nothing if not great for making a scene. I'm here to tell you, Pat's is starting to look a little long in the tooth and that too takes the wind out of my sails. No matter, I eagerly anticipated Pat's response to this whole scandal and old man Buchanan delivered. Here is the exchange:

BUCHANAN: ...The Republican House doesn‘t know how to fight as a unit. They‘re all turning on each other. The damn—the press is all over their case. They‘re running and hiding and saying, He did it, and I didn‘t know about Foley, and it‘s just a ridiculous—and there's no reason to reelect a House that behaves like this!

SCARBOROUGH: Pat, you know what it makes me long for? The days of Ehrlichmann and Haldeman. Now those guys knew how to circle the wagons, baby!


BUCHANAN: Well, you know, we survived for 18 months and...
we were guilty*!


SCARBOROUGH: You sure as hell did! You sure as hell did. And if that helps you sleep better tonight, Pat Buchanan, then God bless you!

Now that's funny.

* It should be noted that I got this exchange from MSNBC's online transcripts but the punch line was mysteriously missing. I had to add it in red. Not sure why they would scrub Pat Buchanan's admission of guilt but I guess that's just how today's "journalism" works.


Norman said...
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Norman said...

I can't imagine a little GOP Lucy.

Was it a California Reagan-ardor thing?

Good stuff.